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Shop Class Overview

Wield your BBQ apron and sharpen your pencils -- Traeger BBQ Shop Class is in session. Each half-day BBQ workshop is taught by a Traeger Pit Master who will teach you how to make authentic melt in your mouth barbecue. A BBQ manual is provided with tips and tricks from the BBQ Pros, and you'll be able to feast on samples throughout the class. We’ll make it well worth your time so come spend a few hours with us to take your barbecue skills pro.

BBQ Shop Class Traeger Grills

More About Shop Class

Shop Class Includes

Shop Class Includes

  • 3-4 hours of instruction from a Pro
  • A feast of wood-fired BBQ meat samples
  • Traeger swag bag
  • BBQ manual, including recipes and Tips from the Pros
  • Entry to win a Tailgater grill
Class Duration

Learn Tips from the Pros

Each class format is unique to the BBQ Pro instructor. All attendees will receive instruction on either pro-style BBQ or backyard BBQ, tips and tricks for preparation, best practices, demonstrations, cooking tools, and secret ingredients.

Education Summary

Education Summary

You can choose from either of our class options; Competition BBQ or Backyard BBQ. You'll also learn how to trim, rub, inject, and smoke authentic and delicious barbecue. A BBQ workbook is provided with tips and tricks from our BBQ Pros so your learning can continue even after the class concludes.

Shop Class Value

Shop Class Value

The Traeger Shop Class is packed with valuable information and taught by a BBQ Pit Master. This is an opportunity to learn from a Pro in a close-knit setting. The time and detail spent teaching about each specific aspect of creating authentic BBQ will increase your knowledge, The Traeger loot you receive will help you hone your outdoor cooking skills to make you the resident Pit Boss.

Hold onto your hot pads

Traeger shop class is scheduling new classes across the country. Check back soon to see when we'll be in your city.

Our Partners

We are honored to partner with Snake River Farms, they provide stunningly beautiful beef that far exceeds USDA Prime. We will use the most tender and flavorful American beef in our Traeger Shop Classes. They are involved with every aspect of producing their special Wagyu cross cattle from start to finish.

Jacobsen Salt Co. is devoted to providing every American with the very best cooking ingredients and pantry staple items. We are proud to partner with Jacobsen Salt Co. Together, we’ve combined flavorful hardwood smoke and all natural ingredients to create two delicious products to enrich your handcrafted meals that you share with family and friends.

Traeger is proud to partner with Thermoworks. Internal temperature is the most important factor in determining when meat is done, and Thermoworks’ award-winning instant-read thermometers ensure that checking internal temps of meat is as effortless as using the Traeger. Used in home and restaurant kitchens across America, Thermoworks is a welcome addition to Traeger backyard BBQ.

Built for the wild, YETI's premium outdoor coolers are a game changer and Traeger is honored to partner with this pioneering brand. YETI's burly design and unparalleled ice retention lets you pack up the cooler and Traeger for a weekend off grid, full of delicious wood-fired meals.

Uinta Brewing Co. proudly brews their hand-crafted beer locally in Salt Lake City, UT. Traeger is proud to partner with Uinta Brewing Co, whose passion for adventure is only outmatched by their passion for crafting beer. Their beer is the perfect companion for any expedition.

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