Timberline 1300 Pellet Grill

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Wood-fired perfection, 30 years in the making. Achieve competition-worthy smoke rings with features like Super Smoke mode, and do it all 20% faster* thanks to the TRU Convection® system. The Timberline offers unmatched precision grilling, maintaining +/- 5°F** temperature control whether you’re grilling low and slow at 165°F or hot and fast at 500°F. Grill on-the-go with the Timberline’s WiFIRE® controller, by changing temperatures, setting timers, and accessing our recipe arsenal all from your phone via the Traeger App.

*Based on convection air circulation vs. non-convection indirect flame cooking.
**Average variance over an hour-long cook after the grill has achieved initial set temperature. Ambient air temperature 72 degrees F without wind.

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Features Overview

Smoke Science

  • Super Smoke Mode
  • TRU Convection® System
  • Downdraft Exhaust® System

Traeger WiFire®

  • Consistent Average Temperature
  • Custom cook cycles
  • Mobile grill control

Superior Structure

  • Double-wall, commercial-grade stainless steel interior
  • Airtight lid gasket
  • Adjustable 3 tiers of cooking surface
  • Lower grate can be adjusted from smoke position to sear position
  • New pill-shaped barrel for added height and space
  • 24 lb. pellet capacity
  • California Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)
Other Features

Other Features

  • Meat probe built-in storage
  • Locking side wheel casters
  • Stainless steel side shelf with hooks
  • Bamboo cutting board
  • Concealed grease tray
  • Durable sawhorse chassis
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Hopper clean out
  • Power cord hook
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Smoke Science

New, patent pending technology creates and circulates pure, blue smoke using a TRU Convection® and Downdraft Exhaust® System, ensuring your food gets the finest wood-fired flavor in the shortest amount of time.

Super Smoke Mode

Better quality smoke, and lots more of it. Craft ultimate smoke profiles from 165°F to 220°F with the push of a button.

TRU Convection®

Creates a powerful vortex of heat and smoke spinning in the barrel, cooking 20% faster while locking in moisture.

Downdraft Exhaust® System

Exhaust channels allow blue smoke to rise and circulate through the chamber fully before exiting, ensuring your food only receives only the freshest smoke.

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Superior Structure

Adjustable 3-tiers of cooking surface

Adjust the grates to accommodate taller food, like beer can chicken or turkey, and smoke or sear with the dual-position bottom grate.

Other features

  • Double-wall, commercial-grade stainless steel interior
  • Airtight lid gasket
  • Lower grate can be adjusted from smoke position to sear position
  • New pill-shaped barrel for added height and space
  • 24 lb. pellet capacity
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Traeger WiFire®

Monitor or change your grill's temperature, set a custom cook cycle, and set timers via the Traeger App or through the grill’s control panel.

Consistent Average Temps

Double-wall, commercial-grade 304 stainless steel interior insulates and maintains heat for consistent temperature control.

Custom Cook Cycles

Find, customize, or create custom cook cycles, then fire them over and let the Timberline go to work.

Mobile Grill Control

Change you grill’s temperature, kick up the smoke, and set timers, anytime, anywhere via the Traeger App.

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Timberline 1300 Pellet Grill

Grill Capacity

Rib Racks
Pork Butts


Model: TFB01WLEC

Cooking capacity: 1300 sq. in.

Pellet hopper capacity: 24 lbs.

Height: 48 in. | Width: 58 in. | Depth: 27 in.

Weight: 266 lbs.

Traeger Mobile App

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the Traeger lifestyle.

  • Recipes
  • Community
  • Find a dealer or shop from the app
  • Available for all Traeger users (WiFIRE® feature only compatible with Timberline grills)
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