We’ve revolutionized the Pro Series grills with powerful features that will increase grilling efficiency and convenience for the frequent Traegerist. Take your barbecue flavors Pro on a Pro Series wood-fired grill.

Traeger's New Look

New Chassis, New look, Better Stability

A fully remodeled body frame will increase stability to withstand travel and the elements.

New Pro Controller

Maintains temperature within Plus/Minus 15°F*

With a newly improved temperature control, precision grilling is simple.

*Average variance over an hour long cook after grill has properly reached initial set temp of 375°F without wind.

New Features

Explore the Pro Series New Features

Extra Grill Rack

With an extra grill rack built in, you have 30% more room to grill, so invite the in‑laws, it’s about to get delicious around here.

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Hopper Clean-Out

Change your wood‑fired flavor any time you like with an easy hopper clean‑out door on the back of the hopper. Flavor is our middle name.

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Side Lift Bar

Easily haul your grill around the patio with the side lift bar, it creates even weight distribution. Now, maneuver your BBQ without breaking a sweat.

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Digital Pro Controller

The temperature probe takes 60 readings per minute to dish out precision temperature reports within +/- 15°F. No matter the weather, the Pro controller will keep your temperatures in line.

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Sawhorse Chassis

The new sawhorse chassis has wide-angled 3-inch thick legs, logoed leg braces, and a skirt to make your grill strappingly stable
—like a linebacker.

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All-Terrain Wheels

These new wheels are built for durability, the large design makes rolling over pavers, decks, or gravel easy, and the solid compound material allows them to roll smoothly.

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Locking Casters

The new, stronger casters are easily maneuverable for transporting the grill around the patio, then lock it in place to create well‑balanced meals.

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  • Taste

    The Traeger Difference

    Smoke is the secret ingredient to rich and memorable food, and a Traeger will turn any favorite recipe into a culinary masterpiece. Traeger flavor just tastes better than charcoal or gas grilling.

  • Versatility

    6-in-1 Cooking

    Anything you can dream up, you can cook on a Traeger. Traeger cooks with wood‑fired convection power, which gives Traeger enthusiasts 6 different cooking methods to engage.

  • Ease

    No Need to Babysit

    Whether you cook hot and fast or low and slow, Traeger makes cooking easy. No need to spend hours tending to the grill, Traeger allows you get to get back to the important things—like spending time with your family.

  • Consistency

    Predictable Results

    Once you begin smoking, baking, and grilling you will feel the power of how simple it is to create delicious food that’s cooked to perfection, every single time. Mastering your Traeger takes mere minutes.

  • Community

    Bringing People

    Take your Traeger anywhere you go, on or off the grid. Firing up meals in the great outdoors, or in your outdoor kitchen is the delicious Traeger lifestyle. So gather friends and family, Traegering is a year round sport.

Compare Models
Name Pro Series 34 Pro Series 22
Price C$1399.99 C$1099.99
Grill Area 884 sq in 572 sq in
Hopper Capacity 18 lbs 18 lbs
BTUs 36,000 20,000
Grill Dimensions (HxWxD) 49x53x27 49x41x27
Weight 136 lbs 103 lbs
Color Options Blue, Bronze Blue, Bronze
Controller Style Digital Pro Controller with AGL Digital Pro Controller with AGL
Dual Meat Temperature Probes Standard Standard
Extra Grill Rack Standard Standard
Hopper Clean Out Standard Standard
Sawhorse Chassis Standard Standard
All-Terrain Wheels Standard Standard
Locking Casters Standard -


Included Accessories:

The new Pro Series comes fully loaded with extras, they’re so versatile, they will help elevate your grilling skills and make your barbecue easier to operate.

Add-on Accessories:

The new Pro Series has additional accessories available to customize your barbecue. Add a landing pad to the front of your grill for utensils and a beer, or add a storage shelf to stash your pellet fuel on. Make your Pro grill even more professional for the pit boss.