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We couldn’t be more pumped to collaborate with the American handmade apron company, Hedley & Bennett. Like Traeger, they pride themselves on creating a quality product that brings people together to create delicious food. With their culinary expertise, innovative creations, and attention to detail, collaborating with Hedley & Bennett was a natural fit. Together we’ve designed 3 luxury aprons to encompass every type of Traeger user and lifestyle. Meat the Aprons.

We’ve created a like-minded partnership with Hedley & Bennett to develop quality gear that brings people together to create delicious food.

Hedley & Bennett Heritage

Hedley & Bennett founder and effervescent leader of the Apron Squad, Ellen Bennett, doesn’t just manufacture kickass aprons -- she mans the zip line, dishes out ice cream daily, and inspires her team to create with enthusiasm. After culinary school, she worked in the restaurant industry and realized that the lackluster kitchen wear was bringing this blue skies and sunshine girl down. She kept a notebook in her apron pocket with things that could improve culinary clothes and work uniforms. One day she began sewing in her garage and created a high-quality, badass product with a low eco footprint. The company proudly designs and manufactures premium aprons head-to-toe in Los Angeles, CA. Ellen’s notebook still exists and is the keeper of new and fresh ideas. She says that she finds inspiration “in real life” and zestfully lives an active and outdoor lifestyle. Hedley & Bennett aprons can be found in restaurants, shops across the United States, now at and in our Traeger Headquarters & Showroom in Salt Lake City, UT.
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Meat the Aprons

Traeger Grills

Cooking hero’s wear their cape on the front -- our new aprons are built for the inner craftsman in all of us: they’re durable, resilient, and patina with age. Made from a unique, luxury waxed denim that looks like denim but is water and stain resistant, they have a cell phone pocket, a towel loop at the hip, leather accents, adjustable straps, and large angled pockets to hold your gear. These grilling shields are as comfortable as your favorite jeans and wear just as long.

The Tomahawk

The Tomahawk

Up your grilling cred with the Tomahawk, perfect for low and slow smoke sessions.

The Filet Mignon

The Filet Mignon

The classic cut is perfect for cooking outdoors or hobbies that get messy.