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Timberline 1300 Grill

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Timberline 1300 Grill
5.03Timberline 1300 Grill

Wood-fired perfection, 30 years in the making. Achieve competition-worthy smoke rings with features like Super Smoke mode, and do it all 20% faster* thanks to the TRU Convection® system. Grill on-the-go with the Timberline’s WiFIRE® controller, by changing temperatures, setting timers, and accessing our recipe arsenal all from your phone via the Traeger App. *Based on convection air circulation vs. non-convection indirect flame cooking.

  • 1300 sq. in. grilling area
  • Meat Probe
  • Traeger Downdraft Exhaust® system
  • Super Smoke & Keep Warm mode
  • Custom Cook Cycles
  • Concealed Grease Pan
  • Stainless steel side shelf with hooks and grill grates
  • Easily holds 60 burgers | 12 chickens | 82 hot dogs | 14 rib racks
  • Perfectly compliments Magnetic Bamboo Cutting Board


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Traeger grills take the labor-intensive element out achieving delicious wood-fired taste. Just set it and forget it, and let the Traeger do the rest.


1300 sq. in grilling area


Height: 48 in
Width: 58 in
Depth: 27 in
Weight: 266 lbs

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  • California
Part 2: Are you frustrated review for this product? Here's mine...for what it's worth
July update: I have smoked several times with various meats since my review back in June. And from brisket to fish, every smoke has had its successes and some defeats.

I naturally assumed that smokers will have a rhythm just like a grill. And that’s stating the obvious. Sometimes plan A needs to shift to plan B or to develop something on the fly…
My developing on the fly with my smoker has had, as I mentioned above, some varied results…but it also has had some ah-ha moments too.

Meat that has a skin has to be timed with the expected internal temp finish. My mistake usually began with trying to apply more smoke at the beginning within the lower “smoke” temps and try to finish strong at the end. My chicken did have the crispy skin in the end, but the white meat was over cooked and dry.
Timing and rhythm is way different…the lack of heat I robbed in the beginning didn’t bode to well when I tried to make up for it on the back end.

I did find some very delicious moments of clarity…I smoked my first brisket.
I watched many YouTube videos about how to prep, rub, and cook. You want a good method to smoke a brisket? Check out “Aaron Franklin brisket” on YouTube.
A back story - my wife hasn't always been excited about beef…so it was comically ironic that my Texas roots of loving and eating beef was somewhat tempered with her then California vegetarian life style during our first 15 years of marriage. Her lifestyle has slowly modified over the years to allow for chicken and fish along with a rare moment of trying a bite of my steak. So it was a little surprising and rewarding that she tried my brisket and said it was very good and for her birthday party to encourage me to smoke only a brisket for the friends and family we will be having over. Now hold on, I don’t want to sound like I brought her over from the dark side by this amazing cooking, but to have her compliment my smoking beef at all was just unbelieably awesome!

Ya know in the end, you won’t become a smoking king just by buying a smoker from Traeger or anyone else, but what I wrote earlier about finding a solution for a beginner to smoke a brisket and enjoy it using the 1300, has proved to me to be well founded.
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Highlands Ranch
  • Colorado
My new Timberline 1300 Rocks!
I have had my old Traeger for almost a decade and I still love it. I have been perfecting my brisket for that time as well. I made my signature brisket on my new Timberline last weekend and it was dead on. The technology is amazing. I needed to turn up the temp when I was at church because I was falling behind my timeline. I had checked the app on the phone and the probe temp wasn't moving as fast as i wanted it to. I used the app and turned it up. The brisket turned out awesome with a crazy smoke ring. The craziest part is my Traeger is way bigger than my old little tex and it used half the pellets. I would recommend the new Timberline to anyone. Its worth every penny!
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  • California
Are you frustrated review for this product? Here's mine...for what it's worth
I'm a frustrated transplanted Texan in Southern California in search of (a) better brisket. And I'm not so naive to think there isn't a brisket somewhere here in California that is worthy of my past rich heritage of having mesquite smoked brisket...but it was from that lacking for me to get out of my comfort zone from just grilling into smoking.

My Timberline 1300 has alleviated all my fear and laziness by providing a smoker that doesn't require baby sitting at 3-4am (shout out to those traditionalist that do), temp probe friendly, that can maintain a constant low temp without crazy drifting, digitally connected to my IOS for easy convenient geekness control, but most importantly make me look like a smoking king to my friends, neighbors, and my family.
I had three compliments from my first smoke of rib-eye roast, whole chicken, and sausages that will be forever remembered.
Yes, I know, it's about the brisket...and it's will come soon. Update later?

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm not a grill master...I'm not a grill novice either but I am within the smoker world. And here's my point to all this...
The Timberline 1300 has all of the tools and features that even a modest griller needs to be very successful (quickly) with the Timberline grills.

Building the 1300 was't as difficult as finding one to buy and it took maybe around three hours. As a father, I had the usual interruptions and I'm also a careful follower of instructions... so it may take you less time. I'll say that the instructions were easy for me to interpret. Good job Traeger...I hate guessing.
It says you will need two people for certain activities...and you will. Be careful when you roll the grill on the side to attach the legs. You may want to place padding behind the grill when attaching the legs. Your lid may fly open like mine did. I do not recall any warning about the lid but a disclaimer here, I'm 60 and I'm from Texas. Fortunately I actually thought about that possibility and placed some packing material back there...

I have more prep space on my Weber S660 in comparison to the 1300 and I was left with asking a similar question why the 1300 is so lacking in prep space given the close price point of both and amount of quality built into this grill. Why skimp on prep space?
Seasoning the 1300 was straight forward enough but I thought I would have seen a lot more smoke...even with "super smoke" during my first cook, not a lot of visible smoke. I reasoned that my outside weather was the was moderately windy. Maybe mesquite pellets don't smoke as much?
You will read that there are reviews with questions about searing, reverse searing, and the rebuttals. My results were not conclusive enough to provide a fair and honest review after one cook. I am somewhat skeptical about getting the sear that I like on my steak. I will say this, my chicken skin was crispy enough.
Bottom line - the three compliments I got spoke for itself.

The 1300 only allows for one temp I worked around my multi meat cook by using my trusty hand held probe when needed.

Spending money on things I want versus need is perhaps the question you will ask yourself if you consider a Timberline...I am happy and confident that my brisket frustration has found a solution.
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Q. Can you explain the Super Smoke mode? Does it maintain a specific temp? I know on my Texas Elite, the smoke mode doesn't appear to maintain a specific temp. Thanks
Dan Kakareka
Gilberts, Illinois
A. Super smoke mode is available on any temp between 150-225 F. Turning on super smoke will modulate the fan to create more smoke. Super smoke is not a temp setting its an optional setting you can toggle on / off.
Answered on Oct 18, 2017
Answered on Oct 18, 2017
Q. Are the timberline series able to have a rotisserie attachment? And if so what is the cost for the rotisserie motor and spit. Thanks
Tom Schwab
San Antonio , Texas
A. No need for a rotisserie with a Traeger. We use convection to move the air so you don't have to move the meat.
Answered on Oct 12, 2017
Answered on Oct 12, 2017
Q. What are the actual dimensions for the cooking grate? I'm seeing two different dimensions in the Q&A list
Orange, Texas
A. 34 x 16 inches for the bottom rack on the Timberline 1300.
Answered on Oct 19, 2017
Answered on Oct 19, 2017
Q. What guage steel does the Timberline 1300 have?
Rob Pijor
Amherst, Ohio
A. There are a variety of different materials from mild steel to stainless steel in various thicknesses. The barrel has a double walled insulated barrel.
Answered on Sep 28, 2017
Answered on Sep 28, 2017
Q. I am looking at a recipe on your website that says turn the traeger to 'smoke', after 3-4 hours turn up to 350'F. We have the 1300 and I don't know what temperature to initially set it to!! Can you advice asap??
A. Smoke temp usually runs at 160 F. We would set the Timberline to 160 if the recipes calls for the smoke setting.
Answered on Aug 28, 2017
Answered on Aug 28, 2017

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